Give Me Love (Or Give Me Drugs) drops 2.25.22

Give Me Love (Or Give Me Drugs), on its surface, is a desperate plea from a neglected lover. It lays out the bait and switch that lured them into a relationship that has since become cold and loveless. The cry of the chorus is for anything at all from the object of this person’s affection, anything that would feel like attention or validation. If it can’t be the love they actually crave, let it be drugs to help them forget that they crave anything. It was written from a much broader perspective though. The cruel, neglectful lover is life itself, and the poor soul crying for love (or drugs) is anyone who’s had an exceedingly tough time of it lately (no shortage there). The drug reference is about actively changing one’s state of mind, seeing things in a way that doesn’t crush you. So the overlying message (past all the pain and cynicism) is that if life isn’t giving you the things you believe you need, do what you have to to change your perspective because that’s all life is anyway.