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New Single “Rule the World” Out Now!

The new song RULE THE WORLD takes you on whimsical journey of a young love.  The song hits the listener immediately with the vocal forward intro and continues with big… Continue reading New Single “Rule the World” Out Now!

Remnants Of A Sunset

Introducing “Remnants Of A Sunset”

Remnants of a Sunset is the second release by Slightly Gigantic. This emotional ballad tells the story of a once beautiful relationship that is over, even if both people are… Continue reading Introducing “Remnants Of A Sunset”

Slightly Gigantic Sing National Anthem

Slightly Gigantic’s Joe Hite & Tony Goff Sing the National Anthem

In July of 2021, just a few short weeks after the duo’s first release “Kryptonite,” Tony & Joe were asked to perform the National Anthem before Milwaukee Wisconsin’s “Milkmen” baseball… Continue reading Slightly Gigantic’s Joe Hite & Tony Goff Sing the National Anthem


Our First Release, “Kryptonite”

Kryptonite is the first music Slightly Gigantic chose to put out into the world, dropping in June of 2021. This pop/rock track hits you immediately with bombastic drums, contrasted by… Continue reading Our First Release, “Kryptonite”


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