Slightly Gigantic On Stage

Slightly Gigantic is a duo comprised of Joe Hite and Tony Goff. While the band and the music are new, Hite and Goff’s partnership is most definitely not, They’ve been tethered to each other through musical projects, or life itself, for more years than either will disclose.

The vision for the band came from Goff, the singer. While the pair had minor brushes with success in L.A. in the 90’s with another original rock band, the only musical outlets they’ve had for years since, have been cover-song based and Goff was tired of singing other people’s music. He went to Hite with the idea of a band tailored to their specific musical tastes. and asked him to write an album’s worth of songs in a genre he described as “piano-driven stadium pop”. The resulting music is big, engaging and manic with hooks you can sink your teeth into.

The duo acknowledged that the music business has changed completely since the last time the did more than dabble in it – and it continues to evolve. Artists are more in control of their destiny than ever and Slightly Gigantic are driving a big bus in only the directions that make them happy. Jump aboard! The whole world is invited along for the ride.

Slightly Gigantic Bus